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Welcome to Kooky & Green

At Kooky & Green we share a passion for truly unusual, beautiful and sustainable products made by people who care about the future of the world we live in.

Years of working for smart home interiors brands and gifting have taken us to trade fairs and suppliers across the globe, but, seeing the ever-growing volume of ‘throwaway’ products out there that are destined for landfill has become a genuine concern!

Kooky & Green grew from our desire to offer a handpicked home and gift collection of lovely, yet sustainable products to inspire people to make environmentally-aware choices, while still having the joy of giving thoughtful and unusual gifts and buying key pieces for their homes.

We research every product we sell and explain how it is sustainable, understanding that this is a relatively new area for makers and therefore, at this time, products may have elements to them that are not as ‘green’ as they would like. For example, currently it is almost impossible to eliminate plastic where there are no suitable alternatives! So, for now, we buy from those suppliers who are actively moving in the right direction and share our vision. The item may be recycled, reclaimed, recyclable, made from natural biodegradable materials, energy-saving, vegan, zero-waste, fair trade or designed to replace single-use plastic.

Sourced from makers, designers and artisans both in the UK and overseas, good quality is a must and we especially seek unique and unusual items that will stand the test of time and those that are traded fairly. All have their own special story about how they are made!

Some of our products are ‘kooky’ and all are ‘green’! None of them are boring!

The team at Kooky & Green

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