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The word ‘sustainable’ means different things to different people so we want you to understand what being a business that sells sustainable products means to us.


Reduced Landfill

Our over-riding objective is to offer beautiful, unusual, durable and sustainable products that you will enjoy living with and giving as gifts, and which are not destined for landfill.

So, what is sustainability?

In short, Sustainability looks to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life. This is delivered through the ethical framework called Social Responsibility – It is the duty of every individual to maintain a balance between the economy and the welfare of society and ecosystems.

Why we need to choose sustainable products

In 2010 it was estimated that we use about 40% more resources every year than we/nature can put back (global network footprint).

In 2017 it was estimated that the UK alone produced 11 million tonnes of plastic waste and recycled around two-thirds. But, over half of this was sent overseas for recycling of which most ends up in landfill or the oceans.

Clearly that needs to change if we are to protect future generations.

What exactly are sustainable products?

At Kooky and Green, we believe that fundamentally they should be eco-friendly and ethically traded. We live in a high-tech, consumerist society and it is unrealistic to believe that all products can be sustainable. But, where sustainable alternatives exist that are both effective and desirable, we would hope to encourage you to make that choice.

Sustainable qualities:

Natural Materials
Products using ingredients derived from nature instead of those that are man-made and non-biodegradable. Sustainable sources include soy, flax, hemp, coir, jute, linen, Modal (beech tree fibre), sisal, silk, Tencel (pulp of Eucalyptus) wool, coconut, cork, rubber, bamboo, mango wood and paper/wood. Other natural materials considered sustainable include stone, agate, marble, vegetable-tanned leather and ceramics (clay), but other than vegetable-tanned leather, these are not biodegradable.

Products involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals, for example beeswax, organic cotton, organic ingredients for beauty products or foods. There tend to be small price premiums on these products because they take longer to harvest, and the yields can be lower.

Recycled Materials/Zero Waste
Products made using recycled materials such as rubber, glass, wool, leather, polyester (rPET, – made from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles, food containers, unusable second quality polyester fabrics and worn out polyester garments).

Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages resource efficiency and the circular economy to create a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted so that all products are recycled or reused and nothing is sent to landfills or incinerators.

Durable & Recyclable products
Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is 100% recyclable without any loss in quality no matter how many times the process is repeated. It has a long life (up to 100 years), and hygienic qualities as it does not contaminate the product is touches.

Glass – There is no shortage of sand to make glass and it is fully recyclable into new glass products.

Silicone Rubber – The use of products containing silicone materials can help save, on average, nine times the amount of greenhouse gases required to manufacture them due to their durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures or humidity. Silicone is non-toxic and can be recycled.

Buy British
Where possible we buy from eco-friendly British producers both to reduce our carbon footprint and to support like-minded small businesses who are working to make sustainable alternatives.

We work with Fairtrade enterprises that offer long-term financial stability through fairly-paid employment.

Energy Saving
We partner with companies who are using energy efficient methods of manufacture such as wind and solar-power and those who make renewable energy-efficient products.

Quality Products
An ethical or eco-friendly purchase that is badly-made or never used is still wasteful, so we maintain high quality standards but without compromising the integrity of the product.

Supporting Worthwhile Causes
Some of our makers give a percentage of the sale to a relevant charity with each purchase made.

Reduced Packaging
We offer products that are not excessively packaged and where the packaging is recycled or recyclable, and where possible we avoid plastic. There are exceptions to this through necessity –recyclable plastic air bags may well be needed to ensure your purchases arrive undamaged and some products may be plastic wrapped to retain scent or protect their integrity. Our outer boxes and labels are sustainably sourced and recyclable.

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